Material Introduction
Benlonate® PET

?Benlonate? PET Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Benlonate® ?PET is an unreinforced, semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyester based on polyethylene terephthalate . PET is characterized by having the best dimensional stability couple with excellent wear resistance, a low coefficient of friction, high strength, and resistance to moderately acidic solutions. PET properties make it especially suitable for the manufacture of precision mechanical parts which are capable of sustaining high loads and enduring wear conditions. Its continuous service temperature is 210°F (100°C) and its melting point is almost 105°F higher than acetal. 

In addition, PET offers good chemical and abrasion resistance. Its low moisture absorption enables mechanical and electrical properties to remain virtually unaffected by moisture. 

?Benlonate® PET Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Benlonate® PET sheet
Thickness (mm) Width × Length (mm)
0.3--1.9mm(in roll) W:750mm,any length
2mm-10mm 1000mm x 2000mm
10mm-180mm 600mm x 1200mm
Benlonate® PET rod
Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
10mm-80mm 1000mm
Name: Polyethylene Terephthalate
Colors include: Natural White, Transparent, Other Colors
Types: Rods, sheets, Plates

1. Other sizes, colors can be customized.
2. Length, width, diameter and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer. 
3. Certain grades available in various colors. 
4. Minimums may apply to certain materials . 

  • ♦ Low moisture absorption -good in both wet and dry environments 
    ♦ High strength, stiffness, rigidity 
    ♦ Excellent resistance to stains 
    ♦ Excellent dimensional stability 
    ♦ Better resistance to acids than nylon or acetal 
    ♦ Closer tolerances and maximum straightness 
    ♦ Good wear resistance and excellent dimensional stability
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