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Sufoner® PEEK

?Sufoner? PEEK Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Sufoner® PEEK can be used at high temperature continuously almost 260 centidegrees, and without losing its physical properties and chemical properties. PEEK shows high stiffness and hardness, and an unique high tensile strength and fatigue strength. PEEK provides good dielectric properties when the temperature ups to +260 centidegrees. 

Sufoner® PEEK Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
Sufoner® PEEK sheet
Thickness (mm) Width × Length (mm)
5mm-50mm 500mm X 1000mm
?Sufoner® PEEK rod
Diameter (mm) Length (mm)
5mm-100mm 300mm-1000mm
Name: ?Sufoner® PEEK, Polyether etherketone 
Colors include: natural
Types: Rods, Plates

Grades include: 
PEEK +30% Glass Fiber 

1. Other sizes, colors can be customized.
2. Length, width, diameter and thickness tolerances may vary by manufacturer. 
3. Certain grades available in various colors. 

  • ♦ high strength and stiffness, toughness
    ♦ high temperature, can withstand 260 degree 
    ♦ Excellent thermal stability 
    ♦ good creep resistance, self-lubricating properties
    ♦ good dimensional stability
    ♦ good radiation resistance
    ♦ flame retardant, good resistance to hydrolysis
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